TriSep 8040-XN45-TSA

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  • Item #: 168011841
  • Manufacturer: TriSep
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 168011841
  • Condition: New
  • Chlorine Tolerance: < 0.1 ppm
  • Feed Spacer Thickness (mil): 31
  • Manufacturer: TriSep
  • Maximum Pressure Drop.: 15 psi (1 bar) per element; 60 psi (4 bar) per housing
  • Maximum SDI: 5.0
  • Maximum Turbidity: 1 NTU
  • Membrane Area Square Foot: 365
  • Model Number: 8040-XN45-TSA
  • Permeate Flow GPD: 9,000
  • Permeate Tube: Female
  • Length: 40 inches
  • Weight: 40 pounds
  • Width: 7.9 inches
  • Max Operating Pressure: 600 psi (41 bar)
  • Max Operating Temp: 113°F (45°C)
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TriSep 8040-XN45-TSA piperazine based nanofiltration membranes are primarily used in water applications for various ion separations and organic removal. 8040-XN45-TSA is an open NF similar to GE/Desal DL membranes. These elements offer higher flux and salt passage while exhibiting a nominal molecular weight cut off in the range of 300-500 Daltons.  


8040-XN45-TSA is a piperazine-based nanofiltration membrane with the versatility to be used in process streams as well as low pressure water purification. 8040-XN45-TSA elements have high rejection of divalent ions while allowing the great majority of monovalent ions to pass through the membrane. With a molecular weight cut-off in the range of 300-500 Daltons, 8040-XN45-TSA is ideal for the demineralization of organic solutes. 8040-XN45-TSA membrane is available in a wide variety of element designs for food, dairy and process applications. 

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