John Guest 1/4in Equal Tee

John Guest 1/4in Equal Tee
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  • Item #: PI0208S
  • Manufacturer: John Guest
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: PI0208S
  • Condition: New
  • Manufacturer: John Guest (JG)
  • JG Description: 1/4" Equal Tee
  • JG Part Number: PI0208S
  • JG Part Type: EQUAL TEE
  • JG Usage: Water Purification & Filtration / Reverse Osmosis
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John Guest 1/4" Equal Tee / (JG) 1/4" Union Tee

General Description

Within the PI/PM range of plastic fittings we offer Tee Connectors in a variety of sizes, both imperial and metric. Tee Connectors are available in either Equal or Reducing configurations.

Materials of Construction

This fitting is made of the following components:- The body is produced in acetal copolymer 'O'Rings are nitrile rubber The collet is produced in acetal copolymer with stainless steel teeth

Part sent will be brand in stock of same or higher quality as John Guest.

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