Filmtec - NF-4040 NANO Filtration Membrane Element

Filmtec - NF-4040 NANO Filtration Membrane Element - NF-4040, 130psi, 2700gpd, 99rejection
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  • Item #: NF-4040
  • Manufacturer: Dow
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: NF-4040
  • Condition: New
  • Manufacturer: FILMTEC
  • FILMTEC PART #: NF-4040
  • GPD: 2700 gpd or Gallons Per Day
  • PSI: 130 PSI
  • Stablized Rejection: 99 Rejection
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FILMTEC NF membrane elements are designed for process applications where a separation of solutes is desired. "NF" is a durable membrane designed to reject organics with a molecular weight above 200 while passing monovalent salts. FILMTEC NF membrane elements replace NF45 elements in a variety of applications such as desalting organic compounds, acid processing, metal recovery from waste streams, and antifreeze recovery. 1. Permeate flow and salt rejection based on the following test conditions: 2000 ppm MgSO4, 130 psig (8.9 bar), 77°F (25°C), pH 8, 15% recovery. 2. Target water flow rates for new elements are: 1950 gpd (7.4 m3/d). Membrane flow on specific process streams will vary as a function of the feed. 3. For the purpose of improvement, specifications may be updated periodically.

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